The City of Avon Park Utilities Division provides management services for Septage and Residuals processing to various businesses and smaller wastewater treatment facilities located within Highlands, Hardee, Polk and Glades County. Our facility is located at 2504 US 27 South, Avon Park, Florida 33825.

Our specialty equipment automates the unloading and processing of service trucks. The process starts with the automated mechanical equipment separating screenings; grit from the truck discharges. All remaining liquids and dissolved solids are then processed through our dewatering press and further treated through the City's Wastewater Treatment Facility. A 4,000 gallon truck can be unloaded in seven minutes.

The City has two processing rates:

Septage processing $0.06 per gallon

Grease or Secondary Wastewater treatment residuals $0.10 per gallon


Interested in becoming a City Septage customer?   Please call Danielle Phillips at  863/452-4409 or email

Dewatering Press 1

Dewatering Press 2