Building Department

If you plan to build, rehab or replace a structure or parts of a structure within the City limits that include one or more of the following:

  • fence 
  • add on to home or business 
  • electrical work 
  • plumbing
  • shed 
  • roofing
  • lanai / porch / dock
  • window replacements
  • any other construction 

You must first obtain a "sign off" from the Planning & Zoning office located on the second floor at City Hall.  The City does not charge for the "sign off".  The City has an open door for permits and usual waiting time is around 10 minutes.  You can call in advance to check on staff availability at 863-452-4405 or 863-452-4401 or email Manuel Cortazal:

The City uses the same Permit Application forms as the County.  Please check your parcel number on your property to ensure it is within the City limits.  You can check your parcel number on the Highlands County Property Appraiser's Website (Parcels in the city limits begin with an "A").  Below are downloadable forms:

After we "sign off" on your permit form, you then take the form to the Highlands County Building department in Sebring for final processing.  The County does charge a fee.  

For information on the County's permit procedures, or fees, please call 863-402-6646 or click: