New Garbage Schedule-Effective October 2, 2017.

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2017 Annual Drinking Water Quality Report

2016 Avon Park Annual Drinking Water Quality Report

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Notice to Customers

City Residents have 30-day Grace Period to Adjust to New Trash Policy

Avon Park residents have until Tuesday, May 8th for city sanitation crews to empty their blue-and-yellow recycling cans of any trash. If residents have a blue-and-yellow recycling can with trash inside, they should put it out for pick up and stop using it. Residents should only use their gray cans for all trash.

City residents should store the blue-and-yellow recycling cans on their property until the city decides on a new recycling plan.

While city residents can use this 30-day period to have their blue-and-yellow recycling cans emptied once of any trash, residents should stop using the recycling can and only use the gray cans.